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FringeReview on Richard II for TSMGO:

"Georgia Andrews is terrific as Sir Stephen Scroop, managing to pitch just right. Andrews and Lee are tremendous in the lead-up to the great deposition. She manages Berkeley and York's servant with great dignity"

The Deskbound Dramatic on Demetrius Wakes at the Old Red Lion:

"The slightly odd Hel and Demetrius, played by Georgia Andrews and Jack J. Fairley, knock at the door and from there all descends into madness. Both actors play up to the character traits outlined by Shakespeare brilliantly, Helena’s dramatics and Demetrius’ awkwardness come to life" 

MobileTheatre on Measure for Measure with Shakescene:

"Another of the play's villains is Lucio, and Georgia Andrews is brilliant in the role. Her Lucio is poisonous and cruel, but [they] manage to give him a strong personality and find a certain humour in the role. It's fascinating to watch"

Audience live-chat on King Lear for TSMGO:

"I can't get over Oswald's reacting to the scene even though she's not speaking. It's outstanding"

"Small dagger, huge damage" 

MobileTheatre on Love's Labour's Lost with Shakescene:

"Georgia Andrews delivers Berowne's speeches wonderfully, full of of character, humour, emotion. She puts so much energy in - for more than 3 hours! A lot to live up to, but they managed it brilliantly" 

The Swindonian on Fools of the Apocalypse:

"An extremely enjoyable 45 minutes of beguiling and full-heartened silliness.  With the real world seemingly teetering on the verge of collapse it’s a salve to watch two skilled physical performers monkey about in its ruins"

MobileTheatre on The Merchant of Venice:

"The versatile Georgia Andrews is an amusing, surprisingly likeable Launcelot"

Comments from Magical Women (collective of Neurodivergent & Gender Nonconforming artists) event:

"You gave Shakespeare a new level"

"Loved this. I hate Shakespeare but I loved it. Massive compliment"

"There is something really fresh about hearing this [Richard III speech] questioning gendered narratives"

"I felt the emotions ooze from [them], the words become embodied and humanned by [Georgia]"

"Captures his weariness and self determination"

TheReviewsHub on The Comedy of Errors at the Etcetera Theatre:

"Feisty performance from Georgia Andrews which hinted at a disgruntled married relationship, adding real texture to the comedy plots"

Bucks Free Press on The Comedy of Errors for Chiltern Shakespeare:

"A hilarious and farcical romp...Andrews shrewish and impressive as Adriana"

London Evening Standard on Disney Snatch Game:

"The best LGBTQ+ event in London"

Audience comments on Georgia's Mandalorian drag performance"





Hannah Quigley, Director of LilyPower at the RSC:

 "It was great to have Georgia's openness and presence in the room to bring the various characters to life so brilliantly"

Michelle Wright, Director of Nottingham Shakespeare Company:

"At all times professional and excellent, even with one day's rehearsal, Georgia brings real joy and infectious enthusiasm to her art, and is a very generous actor, open and willing to leap in with both feet. She is a joy to work with both in my role as director and as a fellow actor, helping the whole company raise its game"

Romo Sikdar-Rahman, Actor:

"Georgia is a phenomenally talented actor, a positive ray of light in any rehearsal room, and always helped me through our run of Julius Caesar. Can't wait for an opportunity to work together again!"

Anna Himali Howard, Director of After Macbeth:

"Dedicated, rigorous and dynamic in the rehearsal room, Georgia is brimming with ideas, her contributions vulnerable and generous. Her knowledge of Shakespeare and ability to connect the personal and the political were a strong driving force within the group. It became a room in which everyone’s voices were heard. Together, we created some moments of extraordinary freedom and creative risk"

Alex Newport, Artistic Director of Scram Collective: 

"Taking everything in her stride, Georgia is someone who works hard, but does it with a smile. A real joy to be around, she brings so much to the table in every project we've worked on together - can't wait for more in the future!"

Lizzie Conrad Hughes, Founder of Shakescene Shakespeare:

"Georgia is a deeply dedicated actor, truly devoted to developing her skills. Her attention to detail & commitment, always going the extra mile, mean I will choose to work with her again"

Andrew Rogers, Director of The Taming of the Shrew for Chiltern Shakespeare:

"Georgia showed total reliability, willing to accept direction while demonstrating initiative. In performance her hard work paid dividends - she achieved rapport with the audience, invoking their sympathy and enjoyment with her comic sensibility"




M.A. Clarke, London Theatre writer on The Taming of the Shrew scratch:

"The actors didn't just use the text, I could feel them harnessing it. I loved the freshness and excitement that the switching element gave - fun as well as thought provoking."

BN1 Magazine on Richard II at Brighton Open Air Theatre:

"Brilliant and bloody – it felt like something that wouldn’t be amiss in Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar'. Exciting and provocative, as culturally and politically relevant as it gets"

Julia Sopher, fellow Director at Bard Bits scratch:

"That physicality. Such bold and clear performances. I couldn't believe it's your first time directing"

Freddie Haberfellner, audience member on The Taming of the Shrew scratch:

"Amazing idea [the swap] – the power dynamics and play were so clear"

The Swindonian on Fools of the Apocalypse (Co-Directed with Alex Newport):

"An essentially hopeful piece...It embodies the sense that so long as people in trying circumstances are willing and able to come together in trying circumstances then hope can never be truly lost."

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