"A grounded yet effervescent performer" 

Antonio Fava, artistic director - ArsComica


As Sir Stephen Scroop Georgia Andrews is terrific, managing to pitch just right. Andrews and Lee are tremendous in the lead-up to the great deposition. She manages Berkeley and York's Servant with real dignity (FringeReview)

Another of the play's villains is Lucio, and Georgia Andrews is brilliant in the role...It's fascinating to watch (MobileTheatre  ★★★★)

A hilarious and farcical romp...Andrews is shrewish and impressive as Adriana

Feisty performance from Georgia Andrews as Adriana...which with little material managed to hint at a longstanding fractious relationship, adding texture to the comedy plots  (ReviewsHub)

Andrews delivers Berowne’s speeches wonderfully, full of character, humour and emotion (MobileTheatre ★★★★)


Georgia is an intelligent and playful actor. Hardworking, perceptive and always willing to take a risk, she is a joy to work with (Stephen Sobal, All In Theatre)


Georgia is a phenomenally talented actor, a positive ray of light in any rehearsal room. Can't wait for anopportunity to work together again (Romo Sikdar-Rahman, actor) 

Georgia wowed all participants with her love and knowledge of Shakespeare. For us, she brought Shakespeare to life  (Katrin Nagler, BSG München)

Georgia works hard but does it with a smile...A real joy to be around ,she brings so much to the table in every project we've worked on together- can't wait for more in future (Scram Collective)